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Friday, January 28, 2011


My mid-sem break has already started today. Yeayyyy!
And got no class. Double Yeayyy! It was Ayie who made DocMat canceled the class. Thanks Ayie. Haha.

It was just me and Dayah, my housemate. The others, Shira, Miza and Hana were already go back to their home this morning.
Since there's no class, I decided to cook something for lunch. 
Menu Org Bujang : Plain rice with chilli sausage (sambal sosej), fried chicken, mix veges and salad+thousand island.

Sounds yummy. But sorry readers, no picture to be viewed. I'm so hungry I forgot to snap some photos for my blog. Gelojoh gila! Haha

So, what's your lunch today?

ttfn! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Babysit, anyone?

I remember last semester break, I had to 'babysit' my three little cousins; Adila, Amani & Arissa. They were really naughty, restless, and talkative. Every school holiday, their mum will further her study. So, the babysit job was given to my auntie, their nanny at the same time. But, I still have to 'babysit' because they just live next to my house with my grandma. That’s not an easy job to do. I don’t know how my aunt really patient with those little rascals.

Everyday, every morning, the first destination they will go is my house, looking for food and then, mess it up. Foods all over the place. I really love children, but when it comes to these two ; Adila & Amani and a messed up house - really not my favourite. I will get annoyed easily  and will transform into a green monster , babysitting job is really test my patience towards kids. Really.

Adila, is the eldest, 3years 11mths. Very, very talkative, sepet and really stubborn, but smart. I can say she's a fast learner. She can easily absorb and remember everything that she hears, sees and everything that people tell her. But, there is still one thing that she’s not absorb easily right now. She is now learning not to wear her diapers. So, she has to go to the toilet on her own and it’s still not easy for her. She likes to tahan her pee and doesn’t tell anyone. And the most annoying thing is, when every time she peed in her pants and feels like nothing happened, then I’m the one who has to clean it up for her. Ughhhh. I really really hate when it comes to clean up pees and poopies. I told her MANY times to inform anyone when she needs to go to the toilet, but what can I say is, all hail to the master of stubborn-ness!


Amani, the 2nd one, 2years old. Always curious to something, quite pelat and really stubborn too (I don’t know from whom they inherit their stubborn-ness) but, she really cute. The obvious thing I found in her lately is her curiosity feeling. She likes to ask me ape? and mane? many times eventhough I already answered all her questions. I still remember during school break when the TV3 showed the "Putera Katak" series...

Me : Amani, tengok. Ade cerita katak kat TV.
Amani : Ane? (mane?)
Me : Tu, kat TV. Besar sangat. Warne ijou. (Pointing at TV screen)
Amani : Ane? (Looking at me)
Me : Ni la. Kat sini dalam TV (Pointing many times, closely at TV screen)
Amani : Ape? (Looking at TV with her eyebrows up)
Me : Ni ha. Katak Bobok ijou (She calls frog as 'katak bobok')
Amani : Ane??? (Looking again at the TV with ‘blur’ face)
Me : Tu haaa  -.-” (Pointing lazily at the TV and, starting to get annoyed)
Amani : Ane???? Ane???? (Looking at me angrily)
Me : ............. (Close my eyes. Pretend to sleep)
Amani : Ane??!!!
Me : zzZZZzzz......(Closed my eyes)

Suddenly..........Panggggg! Ouch. ($^%%@$#@^%^#!). I feel someone slaps my face.  Quite hard I feel dizzy. I opened my eyes. It’s Amani who slapped my face angrily because I didn’t answer her question anymore! HAHAHAHA. Hey, who should get annoyed right now huh, Amani? Hehe. But, I didn’t mad at her at all. I love to tease her actually. This annoying one is really make my day :D


Then, meet Arissa, 9mths is the youngest. Loves to smile when people call her name. She still can’t walk but can crawl very fast, and I think she also has a big potential to ‘be’ like her big sisters because she is now can crawls up on the stairs easily,easy peasy for her. Better have someone around her every single time or she might fell. Ishh. So lasak lah this one. Hehe.


Babysitting is quite fun, sometimes yet challenging. Haha. But I still love them. Without them around me, I feel lonely. Without their laughs, yells, fights and crazy things they always did everyday, I feel there’s something lack in my life. 

The girls and my auntie :)

ttfn!  ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

healthy yummy !

Don't u think so ?
The whole 13 different types of veggies and fruits packed in one bottle?
This could be my new favorite juice ! 

ttfn! :)

P/s : Sorry for the low resolution of the picture. Can't find the better one.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

God's Test.

Salam, readers.
Yesterday, I got a shocked news from my little brother about my uncle, Wak Diran.
My lil' brother was told me that Wak Diran lost his left forefinger!
He accidentally cut his own finger while he changed the blade of his cutting machine.
I was like, Are you for real, boy? Really really? Tell me it isn't true!
Unfortunately, yes, it was so true.
Oh God, I cannot imagine how painful was that. 
Could you imagine u lost one of your fingers? No, right?

Hmm. I felt very sorry to my uncle. He is a very kind person to me. He really is. Such a helpful and generous man i ever knew. 
Sometimes, we don't know what kind of test will God sent to us. And we will never know what may comes. 
I pray that my uncle will be strong and accept the test that Allah sent to him right now.  Hopefully, he will remain as happy as always.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back For Good. InsyaAllah.

Hey, it’s been a while since I told u about my ‘new’ blog, aite?
So, here I am :)

As for this new blog. I will write about all the things happened in past and present. Or future?
It’s quite difficult for me to be consistent in updating my blog. But, I’ll try to keep this blog alive ‘again’. Yeahh. Keep promising, Anis. No, I won’t promise u anything this time. 

The OLD one is a big no-no for me. I don’t know, I just don’t really like my previous blog. Maybe, because I’m not so into blogging at that time. I was just doing it when I had a feeling to do so. Hehe.
But so far for this new blog, I think I will just enjoy the moments of writing and babbling.
And I like my blog to be simple and easy to read. Ok 'till here, peeps :D

ttfn!  ;)