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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Truffles Yum Yum !

Hi !

It has been quite a while since my last post.
Now I'm back again. With something to share :)

Few days back, I made this Oreo Truffles.

Maybe it is not interesting as it looks.
But trust me, it's not bad for my first time doing it.
Plus, it is very easy though.
And it's soooo yummy!
Even my little monsters cousins craving for more! :D

Okay, I'll share the recipe here.
As simple as A B C , 1 2 3...


(approx. 40 pcs)

Ingredients :

Oreo Biscuits1 and a half pack
Philadelphia Cream Cheese - 250g
Semi-Sweet Cooking Chocolate - 150g
Chocolate Rice (for decoration)


Methods :

- First, crush the Oreo biscuits into a food processor. Before that, make sure you divide the filling.
- Place it into a medium bowl.
- Next, put the cream cheese into the Oreo crumbs. Make sure the cream cheese is softened.
- Mix the Oreo & cream cheese until it become a dough.
- Shape it into a round ball shape.
- Next, melt the cooking chocolate using double-boiler method.
-Then, dip the balls into a melted chocolate.
- If you want some decorations, dip it into a chocolate rice after you dip it into a chocolate.
- Place them on the mini paper cup or waxed baking sheet. 
- Refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour. 
- Store leftover truffles, covered, in refrigerator.

And.... we're DONE!
Easy right? :)

Tadaaa! Done.

p/s : Sorry, no step-by-step photos for you. By the time I was doing it, those two little monsters came and disturbed me! T__T

ttfn !

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My First Man & My First Boyfriend :)

Who is your first man in your life? 
Okay, minus your boyfriend, I bet everybody will have the same answer.
YOUR FATHER, right? 
To me, my first man in my life is definitely my father !

He's the first man I saw when the first time I came to this world,
(not included the doctor who delivered me during my birth. tsk)
He's the one who whispered the iqamah at my ears,
He's the first man who kissed me,
He's the one who lullaby me when I fell asleep eventhough he sang so badly, (ooops!)
He's the first man who used to carry me at his shoulder whenever I felt tired & mengada2,
He's the one who sent me to school everyday,
He's the first man who always held my hand when I cross the road,
He's the one who will make sure I'm not skipped every meal time,
He's the one who bribed me with foods & gifts every time he forgot my birthday (sighhh),
He's the one who always make me laugh everytime he cracked some silly jokes to me,


He's the one who never fails to give my pocket money every month (no doubt! hehe)

Whoever you are my man...
I Love You So Much, Ayah <3

My father doesn't like taking pictures of himself hence this tiny pic -_-"

ttfn ! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

I Just Don't Get It !

... Sigh ...

I just don't understand why some people keep on using their sunglasses indoors or even at night?
I mean, there is an OBVIOUS reason why they call it 'sunglasses', instead of 'indoorglasses' or 'moonglasses'. LAME right? I know.

No offense. But hey, let's be logical people! They are sunnies. They are meant to be used when there is sun light. Why, oh why do people still use sunnies when they are indoors? Especially when they are walking in the mall. I don't think the lights in the mall is too glare. 

Okay, I can understand it if they have some an eye sore, while they're driving in hot sunny days or if they wear a transition-lenses kind of things. Then, those make sense. 
Otherwise, NO. 

Ohh. Maybe they THINK they look cool & they THINK they look stylish??? 
It just don't look right. Pffft.

If YOU fall into this category, then I'm sorry if I offended you, but I just want to be logical here.
They are SUNglasses. Get it? :)

Haha. No offense, Jamal :D

ttfn ! 

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

On Janna & Firdaus's Wedding


Last Saturday, I attended Janna & Firdaus's wedding in Bangi.
It was held at Dewan Tun Abdullah Muhammad Salleh (TAMS), UKM.
Btw, I love their combination of names, 
Jannatul+Firdaus = Jannatul Firdaus (The Highest Level of Heaven)
Very, very lovely, isn't it? 
Looks like they were meant for each other.
May Allah bless their marriage until their last breath :)


What can I say is, the wedding was simple but very beautifully decorated.
The food was yummy! But I love the cendol the most. I ate it twice! 
I want to eat it for the 3rd times, but I'm quite shy though. 
The cendol server must knew me well if I took it again. Haha. Pffft.

Okay. let's take a look at the photos ;

Love it !
The arrival of the bride & groom

Beautiful couple ;)

This candid photo is very funny! It looks like Janna wants to slap Firdaus! LOL :D 

 Friends who made the ceremony more merrier !

  Photoshoot session with the bride & groom :)

 Janna's cheeky little sister, Baby :D

Under the Arabian-themed tent :)



 After the wedding, we managed to drop by at Nilai 3 & Putrajaya.
But, something bad had happened when we were in Putrajaya.
Shafiq's (friend) car was broke down.
Luckily, there was an uncle who was very kind to help us. 
Thanks uncle i-forgot-to-ask-his-name !

 Love this group photo at Iron Mosque, Putrajaya ;)
 (Everyone seems very 'polite'. Haha)

* Credits to tQa's photos. All photos are copyright reserved.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Finally !

I have received the complimentary passes from Nuffnang & TGV !

Many thanks to my dear friend, Jue for helping me collected the movie passes.
Love you Jue ! :D
I got four passes from them, but the other two I already gave to Jue for her kindness.
Most important, thanks so much to Nuffnang & TGV for giving me such meaningful gifts.
It means a lot to me...really :)

ttfn ! :)

p/s : Can't wait to watch the movieeeee! ;D