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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sweet Disposition

All my presentation, exam, and submissions were done for this semester !
But, I still one more thing to do.
Helping my bf with his presentation works, since he's in final year :)
So, good luck to all Interior Architecture students from semester 7 (A & B) ! 

Ok, now I want to treat myself with one of the songs I love most, 
SWEET DISPOSITION from The Temper Trap.
Enjoy !!!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Of a rare MANGO and a BLENDER (must read!)

I can't wait to post about this thing !
(I know, tomorrow's exam. But who cares!)
Okay. Okay...Let's just go straight to the point.

Firstly, look at this photo below...

It looks like a typical small and big mango, right?


Then, you SHOULD see this...

What the mango!!! 

OMG. the mango is bigger than the blender itself!
I think the size is same with the papaya. Isn't it?
I don't have any idea what kind of mango is that.
It's enormous!
Do you have any idea???

Maybe some of you did see this mango before, but not for me. Never.
That's why I'm quite 'jakun' to post something like this. Haha.
But hey, this is my first time seeing something rare like this okay...
If anyone out there know what type of mango is that, please tell me quickly.
I am eager to know! Hehe.

Actually, those photos were sent by my lil' brother.
A friend of my dad gave it to him.
But, he also didn't have any idea what kind of mango was that.

Anyway, this is what we called, amazing God's creation. Right?


p/s : If u guys out there wants to share something rare with me, 
please, you are so welcome! ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wish Me Luck !

FYI, I have an exam to attend tomorrow.
For this semester, only 1 paper which is Project Management.
BUT, it is a tough one for me, like really TOUGH!
Cause I'm not into management thingy. hmm.
It makes me dizzy all the time by looking at the printed texts and NO pics. 
Erkk. What do I expect from a PM paper? Pics? Pffftt.

Please pray for me.
Pray that I can answer all questions correctly & calmly
Pray that I can pass this paper .

Will you? ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

KFC Online Voucher !

I have something to share with you ! ;)

Just Print, Cut & Present !

(R) Cheezy Wedges 

with a KFC O.R. Chicken Chop Combo

Terms & Conditions:
  • This coupon is only valid with every purchase of one (1) KFC O.R. Chicken Chop Combo
  • Valid at all participating KFC Peninsular outlets, except Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, KLIA, LCCT, Langkawi & Senai Airport.
  • Limited to one offer per coupon.
  • Not exchangeable for cash.
  • Either printed color and b/w is accepted for redemption.
  • Promotion is not valid during public holiday.
  • Not applicable with any other promotions & discount.
  • Valid until 30th April 2011

Insomnia Attack

It's 4.46am here when I'm writing this.
The problem is, I still cannot sleep.
I have some light imsomnia this past few days.
tsk. tsk. tsk.

I can take owl's shift starting from today.

 Okay dear owl, you can sleep now.
Let me take your place.
Syuhh Syuhhh...

oh, come on!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Son Who Hates His Mother

(click for a bigger view)

My tears were falling off when i read this.
Please ask for forgiveness from your mother & your father before it's too late.
Because, we never know when the 'time' comes...


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Almost. There.

It's almost end of April !
You know what it means? NO??? thanks....pffftt.

Oh, that means... I wanted to start my wishlist ! 
*grab pen and paper*



Saturday snack ; COACHELLA.

source : WWW

NICE, eh? :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What an ignorance !

Ya Allah......after all this while, I almost forgotten about my blogshop
Sorry my blogshop dearie. I know, I AM that bad T_T...

It's not that I'm making an excuse. But, I'm really busy this time. Like, REALLY busy!
Being a studio-based student is quite hard though. I cannot keep up with all the things in the same time. I have to be more focus on my studio works first, second my assignments, only THEN I can focus on my business. FYI, my credit-hour (CH) for my major subject which is Advance Interior Design alone is 10 credit-hour. YES, people. 10 freaking credit-hour!!! Plus other subjects, making all the total CH is 25. Thanks for making me such a hardworking student, UiTM. Or for exact, working-so-damn-hard student. 

Yeahh I know I cannot sighing on this matter. But, the point IS I cannot update my blogshop now. (why can't u just said it straightforwardly, Anis? Pffttt!) 

But you people, can still browse my blogshop. Okay? Just contact me through email or mobile phone. Do support me & my friends okayyy :)

ttfn ! 

p/s : my blogshop partner, Hana was in hospital since this afternoon. Doctor suspected her for an appendicity disease. She will be in labor room tonight or tomorrow morning for an operation. Please pray for her okay. Thanks.

Friday, April 15, 2011

ONE down, FOUR more to come !

Alhamdulillah, Thanks to Allah...

Finally, I got a chance to update my blog. Yayyy!
You don't wanna know how busy+stressful I am in the past few weeks. 
Struggling with the final presentation which I thought on 7th Apr but, it's actually on 11&14th Apr. That was my lecturer's trick to keep us doing our works. Nice try, people. Really nice try.

Somehow, It's good, though. Otherwise, we, lazy-ass (or me alone?) won't do anything for ourselves, right? Really, we need to be pushed! Haha. I'm relieved ONE of my biggest 'burdens' had settled. BUT, I got 4 more to be done this month. Here are my coming submissions & exams......

*drum roll please* 

1. MUET exam - 16th Apr!
2. Directed Research (Thesis) - 20th Apr
3. Design Seminar (6 assignments, whattheheck!) - 21st Apr
4. Project Management Exam - 28th Apr

... Yawn ...

Why on earth I post all my exams and submissions date on this blog? I'm sure u guys won't give a damn right? Hahaha. Not funny, I know. It's my trick actually. You think only my lecturers can do the trick? I also can lah! *raise one eyebrow* After this,whenever if I feel like updating my blog often, I will automatically read this entry. Then, I will feel horrible and do my works as fast as I can (as if ! ). Smart, enough? NOT? I know, I know.


p/s : when is your due date, people?