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Thursday, January 05, 2012

So-called M.I.A?

Assalamulaikum W.B.T
And I think it's still not late for me to wish all of you right?


Yeah I've been missing-in-action for about...hmm. 
Let me guess..? About 2 months! 
Well, I think it's not a big deal though.
You never noticed if I'm gone right? *sobs*
Typically, I'll say that I'm quite busy for this past 2 months.
With final project, assignments, THESIS and exam !

Pheww~ I can take a deep breath A BIT because I've finally finish my CM exam and thesis !
Yes. Thesis, The Silent Killer. Now I just have to wait for a hard cover binding  *yeay*
But, the joy only lasts for a moment.
I still have one mission to be accomplished for this semester.
And I'm afraid to say that my presentation is on 19-20th January.
Two freaking weeks from today !
It's been a very tough time for me for the past three months.
Hope I can make it til the end. InsyaAllah.

Have nice year ahead ! :D

Sun set view at Pantai Jeram.
Taken by yours truly.

p/s : What's your new year resolutions? 


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