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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Chillin' with clicks at The Teapot Deli


Before you go to the title mentioned above, I want to tuck something here...
( Hope you don't mind. It's my blog anyway ! Hehe )

My 8th semester had just finished last week.
Alhamdulillah, my presentation went quite well. 
And I have just received a good news last few days from my lecturer...
...that I was able to continue my final semester next March ! Alhamdulillah :)
Repeat the studio-based subject is somewhat frightening to me.
If you are in the same field as mine, you know what I mean.
It's not the same as repeating the subject related to exam papers.
I'm glad I made it to the next level which means, my final semester :)

Okay, back to the main topic ! 

It's been a while I didn't post something about food.
  Last few days, I went to The Teapot Deli which was located in SACC Mall, Shah Alam.

This little cafe was owned by Malay lady, which is Puan Zakiah.
They served local & western delicacies which are mostly delicious.

No need to say much. 
Just scroll down for more salivating pics ! ;D

Roasted Chicken. 
I love this the most ! 
Oh, they served Roasted Beef too :)

Beef Lasagna. 
Its big portion must left your tummy very full.
But the taste is so delicious.
I love it to bits !

Cottage Pie. 
Served with boiled carrot.
This taste really good too ;)

Country Chicken Pie. 
Served with brown sauce and boiled carrot & green peas.
One of my favorites here :D

Carrot Soup. Served witth garlic bread. 
Undeniably yummy ! 
With a hint of herbs, it taste really good. 
love this too !

Served with cream and strawberry jam.
One of their specialties. You should try ! 

Mini Chicken Pie.
The taste is same as the above chicken pie, but in tiny size :)

We also tried their delicious Cheese on Toast. But didn't managed to snap it.
By the way, it was exactly looked like this :

Now, meet the Big Bellies Crew :

This photo was taken before the food arrived. Hence the hungry face :P

Sweet as always :)

Azim & I :D

Review :
Overall, I felt very satisfy by indulging myself here because the foods were worth every penny !
Most of the foods I tried here were very delicious and none of them were disappointing me.
And maybe you should try their other desserts such as cakes, trifles, Malay delicacies.
The service was quite fast, but depends on what time you come here.
Because this cafe is very full during peak hours and weekends. 

For any inquiries, you can go to their website, The Teapot Deli.
Contact the owner, Pn. Zakiah : 019-2773043

ttfn ! ;)


  1. the interior looks nice, the foods look yummy..price okay x?

    1. The foods sangat2 sedap ! Tak rugi makan kat sini.
      And the price quite affordable. For example, lasagna-rm17 & roasted chicken-rm15. Sangat berbaloi-baloi ! :)

      p/s : thanks for reading this entry :)

  2. i love their cream puffs!

  3. the restaurant is cute and the food is superb. the price is worth with the portion because the portion is large. i heard ppl said the scone there is special but when i was there they didn't make the scone yet, so.. i tried red velvet cheesecake and it was so good. it a must dessert that you have to try there. (^__^)